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Legal Disclaimer

Please read the terms of this disclaimer carefully – it contains important information about the service we provide, your rights and limits our obligations to you should there any service inconveniences.

When you book with ABC Taxis (Inverclyde) Ltd (hereinafter called ABC) you will specify a pick-up time and may specify the time by which you need to arrive at your destination. Whilst ABC will do what we can to collect you / your passengers at the agreed time and arrive at the specified destination on time, the very nature of road transport means we cannot guarantee that will happen.

You are responsible for ensuring that the collection time you have specified allows you sufficient time to reach your destination, taking account of the unexpected events that could potentially occur and delay your journey or the dispatched vehicle on its way to collect you.

Please be aware there are numerous factors that we cannot prevent against, and which may impact or delay your journey with us. For these reasons our service is provided on the basis that we are not responsible for any inconveniences, losses you suffer, costs you incur or other consequences arising from our failure to provide, or delays in providing, our agreed service because of factors which could reasonably be considered to be deemed out with our reasonable control. Factors out with of our reasonable control include (but are not limited to) adverse weather conditions; accidents involving our vehicles; delays caused by traffic congestion, road works, road closures, accidents or diversions; or mechanical breakdowns which are unexpected and could not have been prevented by a reasonable preventative maintenance programme.

Terms & Conditions

1. Areas out with of Inverclyde should always be checked with our Call Centre for an estimated price and travel time.

2. ABC reserve the right to refuse any hire without reason or cancel any hire without notice.

3. A Cancellation charge is applicable on any booking which has been dispatched to a taxi and the booking has been accepted by a driver.

4. A “No Contact / Show” charge is applicable if after arriving and waiting no more than 3 minutes at the requested pick up we fail to make contact. A call to the telephone number provided will be made before the taxi is stood down.

5. No Contact / Show & Cancellation charges for hires out with Inverclyde boundaries will be the full price paid, subject to a vehicle being dispatched for your hire.

6. A “Boundary” charge for hires out with Inverclyde Council regulatory boundaries will be the full fare plus a half and reserve the right to refuse any hire without reason or cancel any hire without notice.

7. ABC & Taxi Industry operates on a first available, closest vacant taxi basis and is not a guaranteed service.

8. Whilst every endeavour is made by ABC to fulfil your booking at the requested time, it is not always possible to achieve. The taxi industry is a demand driven transport service and events out with our control, such as weather and traffic delays and other events can impact on maintaining high service levels. Some examples, such as, but not limited to, Concerts, Sporting events, and Public Holidays may also affect service levels.

9. ABC does not accept liability for any costs incurred for any late bookings or non-arrival.

10. ABC does not make any promise or representation that a taxi will be available to accept a booking made using the website or that a taxi will arrive at the time you have specified in your booking using any of ABC’ booking options such as, App, Online, IVR or Call Centre.

11. ABC does not give any warranties or representation in relation to any service supplied by this website, or any information contained therein; or accept any responsibility for any loss or damage which may be occasioned through your use of this website or your reliance upon any information contained in this website.

12. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that any belongings or items travelling are secure at all times. ABC accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to passengers’ property or belongings, however sustained or caused.

13. ABC reserves the right to cancel / suspend any booking without notice and / or suspend access to any of our services without notice.

14. Your contact phone number may be given to your allocated driver for job related questions only. All data that is kept for recording, business and monitoring purposes will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). In the course of your booking with ABC, it will be necessary for ABC to process personal data relating to you. A full explanation of how we use your personal data and your rights in relation to your personal data are set out in ABC’ Privacy Notice, which is available on our website For the avoidance of doubt, the Privacy Notice does not form part of, and is not incorporated into this Agreement and it may be varied, from time to time, by the Company.

15. Fare Estimator / Quote: Fares displayed by the ‘Estimate Fare’ feature are estimates only. These are based on shortest route or mapping tools (not necessarily quickest route, the quickest route may attract a higher fare), and average traffic conditions. Fare estimates are indicative only, this is not a formal quotation and cannot be used for payment negotiations; the final fare charged can vary due to physical locations; traffic conditions; time of day; Inverclyde Council Extra tariff card charges; waiting time and route driven. Hires out with of Inverclyde Boundary may incur additional charges, which are agreed and, in some cases, paid before the taxi moves off from the pickup point. The estimate does not include surcharges based on tolls, boundary / airport parking charges or Credit.

ABC is a privately owned company with the main purpose of securing taxi bookings and dispatching booked requests to our self-employed operators / drivers. ABC do not employ operators / drivers. A number of self-employed operators own vehicles and rent then to licenced taxi drivers. Additionally, not all taxis and drivers registered by Inverclyde Council subscribe to ABC in-vehicle rental system.

We reserve the right to update and edit our online terms and conditions at any point. For the most up to date information please visit the website / App regularly.

Our terms and conditions – The content provided on this website, App & Online Booking facility are strictly copyright material of ABC, we reserve the right to take down, edit, and store, all of our online material.